WHO Global Action Plan

Foresight strongly endorses the World HealthGlobal-Action-Plan Organisation’s (WHO) Global Action Plan that provides clear guidelines and targets for eye health improvements from 2014-2019.

In May 2013 the 66th World Health Assembly approved the Global Action Plan for the Prevention of Avoidable Blindness and Visual Impairment 2014-2019.

The vision of the global action plan is a world in which nobody is needlessly visually impaired, where those with unavoidable vision loss can achieve their full potential, and where there is universal access to comprehensive eye care services.

Its goal is to reduce avoidable visual impairment as a global public health problem and to secure access to rehabilitation services for the visually impaired.

The purpose of the action plan is to achieve this goal by improving access to comprehensive eye care services that are integrated into health systems.

Having strong collaborative framework to guide our project planning ensures that Foresight’s projects are globally focussed and address the both the specific communities needs as well as the overall aims of the country with who we are partnering. An example of this is our work in the Solomon Islands.

More about the Global Action Plan can be found here.