Transforming Lives: Andre’s Journey from Darkness to Light

Andre, a lively 9-year-old boy, lives in Kodi, a remote area in West Sumba, Indonesia, where access to medical care is limited. For the past three to four years, his vision has been declining due to developmental cataracts, a condition often linked to nutrition and other environmental factors.

Kodi is three hours away from the nearest hospital by car, a journey that is both time-consuming and costly for Andre’s family, who are farmers. Due to his worsening vision, Andre had to leave school in the second grade and could no longer play his favourite game, soccer. With his parents unable to bring him to the clinic, Niki, a refractive specialist from the Sumba Foundation trained by Foresight, took it upon herself to ensure Andre received the care he needed.
Upon hearing about the Foresight clinic through one of Niki’s screenings in Kodi, Andre was brought to the hospital where he underwent cataract surgery in both eyes and received intraocular lens (IOL) implants. The surgery was life-changing for Andre. Not only did it significantly improve his vision, but it also meant he could dream again.

“Yes, I can go back to play with my friends now,” he exclaimed with a gleeful smile. His recovery was swift; he could kick and catch a ball without any issues, a testament to the success of the procedure. With his vision restored, Andre is eager to return to school and play soccer with his friends. The surgery has given him a second chance at a normal childhood, full of learning and play. He will need to wear glasses for follow-up care, but the dramatic improvement in his sight means that he can now fully engage in the activities he loves. Rowena, a member of the Foresight Medical team, remarked, “Andre’s transformation has been incredible to witness.

Seeing him regain his dreams of returning to school and playing soccer is why we do what we do. His story is a powerful reminder of the impact that access to eye care can have on a child’s life.” Andre’s story is just one example of the profound difference that the Foresight team is making in Sumba. Through the generosity of donors and the dedication of medical professionals and volunteers, children like Andre are given the gift of sight, and with it, the opportunity for a brighter future.