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Officer Queenie Europa

During our recent surgical visit to the Philippines we met the delightful Queenie Europa. At just four years old Queenie’s vision was severely damaged when a soccer ball hit her hard in the face. Without surgery she had the potential to become completely blind in both her eyes.

Queenie’s mother told us Queenie had become too frightened to go outside because she couldn’t see well enough to stop something else hitting her. Due to their financial situation her family were terrified that Queenie would never have the chance to see well enough to go to school and her chances for normal life would be limited.

Queenie check upWhen they learned about the Foresight surgical visit they jumped at the chance to have Queenie seen by the surgeons. Queenie had surgery and immediately her vision improved. She’ll need another procedure when the team return next year but for now her dream of becoming a police woman are back on track.

We hope to see Officer Queenie Europa patrolling the streets of Santiago City someday in the future.

For more information about the recent Foresight visit to the Philippines go to our program update.

Images top: Queenie before her surgery, bottom: Queenie waiting patiently for her check up post surgery.