Rona will be able to live a normal life

Rona will be able to live a normal life

Five years old Rona had poor eyesight for a while and had difficulty seeing objects at a distance.

Rona undergoing her eye examination

Unfortunately, she and her family lived three hours away from the hospital and could not afford either trip or the 20,000 pesos (about $600) required for surgery. Luckily, her father heard about our medical visits and made sure Rona could be seen by our team. Sadly, Rona, the smallest and youngest patient during that mission, may have retinoblastoma, a life-threatening condition.

After a successful surgery, Rona can now go back to what she likes to do the most, which is “drawing and writing”.  She is looking forward to starting school and her future looks much brighter.

Rona ready for her surgery

Her family were very thankful that they do not need to worry now as Rona will have her sight restored and will be able to live a normal life. As for Rona, she is happy as she can see “clearer”!