Providing valuable training in the Philippines

Gaining invaluable experience of managing actual patients

Further training was provided in Santiago City for the local nurses and support staff, as well as equipment supply. Continuous training adds a more sustainable increase in the capacity to undertake local cataract blindness procedures in the future. The success of the training was highlighted when in May this year Foresight completed its seventh tour of duty. The vision screening program meant that the nursing staff were now capable to go out into the communities and screen patients and determine what follow up action was necessary. Many screening trips were undertaken, and a significant number of potentially operable cataract patients were identified and referred for assessment. Many were operated on by local Ophthalmologists and in May our team was able to complete 138 surgical procedures during their visit.

The nurses who attended our last training in Santiago City, Philippines

This was a sign that there is still a great need to provide eye care service in the outskirt of Santiago City as the people screened cannot afford treatment. Your donations have made and continue to make long term sustainable differences to the lives of no less than 1,000 people and their families.

They thank you.