Meet Our New Chairman, Kevin Gardner

Two minutes with Kevin

Meet our new chairman, Kevin Gardner.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in Foresight and the work we do to help cure and prevent blindness, and empower the communities that we touch. This important work is only possible thanks to our donors.

What role do our supporters play?

Being a small organisation, we are able to keep our costs well below the average cost of fundraising compared to other charities. This ensures that more of the funds we raise go straight to helping people.

Foresight’s sustainable vision

Every year, for 36 years, expert teams have been able to travel to developing countries, working with the local hospitals to treat and operate on hundreds of people who otherwise would not have a chance at restoring their sight.

We also pride ourselves on our ability to partner with other NGOs and local people to set up eye clinics and train staff to ensure the work we do has greater impact and sustainability in the future.

Model for the Philippines

From our recent work in the Philippines, we have invested in employing a local ophthalmologist and eye nurse to continue to help patients by providing ongoing care, testing and education. With your help, we want to be able to employ an eye nurse full time to carry on our work.

Frank’s vision

Foresight has been our founder Frank Billson’s vision for more than 35 years and I consider him an unsung hero. It’s wonderful that he has shared with you his vision and reflects on how far we have come in this story.

 Thank you for your continuing support.