Expanding the teaching and screening in the Philippines

Since 2013, Foresight has been able to restore sight to over 1,000 people, many of them children who have been blind since birth. Due to increasing need to restore sight in the Northern region of Luzon, in the past two years Foresight, in partnership with Open Heart International and the Rotary Club Turramurra have been working on expanding the current project.

This has included extending the screening operations to the surrounding rural areas to reach the most disadvantages and increasing training of local staff. As a result, the team of local nurses that were trained in eye screening through this project have been instrumental in identifying and referring patients to the Santiago City Hospital.

However, knowing that over two million Filipinos nationwide are blind or suffering from poor vision, there are many more people in remote areas that we need to reach. Therefore, the team has been planning to further expanding the current project, but we cannot do this without your generous support.