Help kids like Keirwin see their future



Keirwin is an incredible 11 year old who lives with his mother, father and four brothers in Santiago City, Philippines. When we met Keirwin had cataracts in both eyes and had been blind since birth.

Keirwin told us of his hope to see again so he that could play with his brothers and help his mother. He told us when his family could afford the bus fare to school he was often mocked and bullied due to his disability. He just wanted a chance to be just like everyone else.

Keirwin had cataract surgery and has seen mild improvement. Unfortunately, due to his age, his brain is unlikely to develop the ability to see because he didn’t get timely access to surgical care.

We hope, over time,  Keirwin’s capacity for vision will improve, although he may never be able to play with his brothers the way he imagined.



To ensure the region where Keriwin lives is able to find children before it is too late and reduce avoidable blindness, Foresight is aiming to develop a vision screening program and eye care centre.

The program will include employing, training and equipping an ophthalmic nurse as well as equipment for an eye care centre. We also hope to employ and train a young ophthalmologist to service the most remote areas.

To ensure the long term reduction of avoidable blindness for the people of the Cagayan Valley the project needs to be sustainable using local resources and manpower. While Foresight and it’s partners currently give support, self-sustainability is our ultimate goal.

We can’t do this without your support. Please help today.



We urgently need your support to help kids like Keirwin. Please give generously before the end of the tax-year so we can commit to helping the people of the Cagayan Valley today.

$30 Could help provide eye screening for a child like Keirwin.

$60 Could provide vital eye screening equipment.

$100 Could provide transport to remote villages for nurses to screen 1,000’s of people.

$250 Could train a nurse to detect childhood blindness.

$500 Could provide a salary for a  young, local ophthalmologist to service remote regions.



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