Bringing Light to Kristin’s Dreams: The Sumba Eye Program’s Impact

As we continue planning for our upcoming trip, the team eagerly anticipates the opportunity to help more people on the island of Sumba. Among these residents was Kristin, a bright-eyed 12-year-old girl with dreams that soar as high as the Sumbanese hills. Kristin dreamed of becoming a singer, a dream that almost dimmed forever due to her deteriorating eyesight, which went undiagnosed due to the lack of local healthcare facilities capable of eye care.

Fortunately, the Sumba Eye Program (SEP) in cooperation with local partners, has been instrumental in changing the lives of many Sumbanese children like Kristin. Since its inception, SEP has been dedicated to providing crucial eye care and surgery, empowering local healthcare professionals through training, and establishing sustainable eye care infrastructure on the island. In May 2024, our team is set to return to Sumba, continuing our mission to deliver quality eye care to those most in need. Kristin’s story began to change during one such visit. She was among the many children who received a free eye examination by the Foresight’s team. Diagnosed with severe myopia that had previously gone unnoticed, Kristin was at risk of being held back from achieving her dreams due to her inability to see clearly. The joy was palpable in her eyes when she received her first pair of glasses—a simple pair of spectacles that symbolized a newfound hope and clarity, not just of vision but of life’s possibilities. Imagine a young girl who once struggled to see the blackboard and hesitated to participate in class, now able to read, write, and engage in her education without barriers. This transformation is what drives our team at Foresight to push forward, reach further, and help more children like Kristin. Our continued visits are crucial in ensuring that eye care becomes a sustainable part of Sumba’s healthcare landscape. However, the path to achieving these goals does not come without its challenges, primarily financial. We rely heavily on the generosity of our donors, whose contributions help us cover everything from medical supplies to the transportation of our volunteer teams. Every dollar brings us closer to a future where no child in Sumba has to give up on their dreams due to preventable or treatable vision impairment.

We invite you to join us in this noble cause. Help us bring not only sight but insight and the promise of a better tomorrow to these deserving children. Together, we can continue to make a difference, one child, and one vision at a time. Let’s help more children like Kristin reach for the stars, equipped with the vision they need to chase their dreams.