About Us

Foresight is a specialist organisation of eye surgeons committed to addressing avoidable blindness through skills transfer and education in Australia and in partnership with low-income countries in the Asia Pacific Region.

our mission

Foresight’s mission is to prevent and cure blindness and empower communities through skills transfer, education and capacity building.

our objectives

  1. To alleviate poverty and create an environment that allows the CURE and PREVENTION of blindness through skills transfer.
  2. To provide capacity building, education and skills transfer for ophthalmologists, eye care workers and managers through sustainable programs tailored to a country’s need.
  3. To EMPOWER communities and promote partnerships with low-income countries, ensuring a sense of ownership by the people of that country.
  4. To respond to the special problems of childhood blindness where critical periods of childhood development determine the degree to which the vision can be restored.
  5. To seek solutions that address blindness and poverty, acknowledging that blindness is a cause and a consequence of poverty.

Read more about our work in our annual reports.