Anderson’s story – “I want to be a doctor”

Anderson is one of the many children attending one of the eye screening clinics under the Sumba Eye Program (SEP) and was provided with a new pair of spectacles. Thanks to your ongoing support to the SEP program, the team was able to run the clinic to
which Anderson attended and as a result, help to develop the potential of this talented and intelligent 13 years old. In fact, when he graduated from elementary school, he ranked number 1 in class. Now in junior high school, he continues his academics achievements. He is spokesperson for his school quiz team. He also won the Bible speed reading competition. Anderson is somewhat of a permanent patient of the SEP. Every year he routinely comes to have his eyes checked. He has been a witness to the Sumba Eye program’s journey in Sumba. His mother, Elisabeth is very attentive to her fourth child’s eye health. No matter how busy she is, Elisabeth will take him to see the SEP Team. With his quick brain, Anderson is the hope of his family and also the hope for the future of Sumba.

“I want to be a doctor”, says Anderson without hesitation when asked about his future, “so that I can heal the sick”. To achieve his goals, he has drawn up some plan for himself. After graduating from high school he wants to study in senior high school outside Sumba, in order to broaden his horizon. He hopes that this will increase his chances of being accepted into a medical faculty at university.

Anderson’s plan are somewhat linked to the Foresight’s team in having an ongoing eye clinic moving forward. He says “I hope that the doctors from Australia will help build an eye clinic here”, “because every time they come, it is just for 5 days. There are still many people who haven’t had a chance to get their eyes checked”. Your donation would now be more important than ever as the team is planning to make Anderson’s wish a reality by setting up an eye clinic to provide ongoing eye care service on Sumba and reach more people in need of our help.