How you save sight

Below we have listed some of the ways your support will help those unable to afford sight saving eye care in the Asia Pacific Region.




could help pay for cataract surgery that will CURE someone suffering from blindness or impaired vision and improve their lives forever.

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could help provide training and education programs for communities in low income countries to help PREVENT blindness in the first place.

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could help to EMPOWER a community to deliver eye care services to disadvantaged people in rural communities who struggle to gain access to adequate health care.

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could help train a nurse to screen patients in remote locations so those unable to afford to travel still receive care.

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could help build an eye care centre in a regional area and provide vital equipment to prevent and cure blindness.

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Any amount of your choice will help CURE, PREVENT and EMPOWER people suffering from needless blindness.




    donation form 2015 (PDF, 304KB), print it out and post or fax with your cheque or credit card details. (You can right click the link — or Control-click it on a Mac — to download the form as a stand-alone file.)


 Call us on +61 2 8021 3632

All donations of AUD $2 and over are tax deductible.